What happens when a guy pranks his girlfriend into thinking he is cheating on her? In this video shared by ViralBrothers, prankster Cenek learned the hard way.

Cenek suspects his girlfriend of snooping on his phone and checking whether he was messaging other girls. So, according to RachFeed, he and co-prankster of the YouTube channel ViralBrothers decided to prank her.

Their plan was almost foolproof. They set up cameras to record this momentous event. Also, they made up elaborate conversations between supposed lovers. The worst they did, however, was taking a photo of Cenek in bed with another woman – this would later appear in the message the ‘woman’ [actually, Cenek using his friend’s phone] sent to Cenek’s phone.

On the night they executed the plan, the prank started smoothly. While on a toilet break, Cenek left his phone on the table. Then, while in the comfort room, he sent the text message to his own phone – and laughed at his naughty trick…

The next moments were crazy…

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