Meyers Leonard is a brave young man. As a 6-year-old child, he lost his father. His brother Bailey, just 22 months older, took it upon himself to act as a father for them both.

Together with their mom, the boys would sleep in the living room; huddled together because they had no electricity. The hardships have made their bond even stronger.

As they grew older, the two continued to share a strong bond but Bailey soon left the house to join the military. He was at boot camp when Meyers began playing for the basketball team.

Meyers experienced improvement in his basketball career but he feels sad that his big brother Bailey was not able to share his success…

Unbeknown to him, Bailey was waiting for the perfect moment to surprise him. Four hours before a major game, the older brother went to the stadium to show his support.

The shocked younger brother was not able to hold back his tears in this emotional reunion.

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