HEARTBREAKING PHOTO: Boy ‘Talks’ to Dead Twin about First Day of School

The first day of school is one of the most exciting moments in a kid’s life – and 5-year-old Walker Myrick was excited to share it with his twin brother. The only problem is that his twin Willis was dead.

Willis died in the womb from twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome but Walker has grown up with a special bond with him, anyway.

So, after the first day of school, when the family went to visit Willis’ grave, Walker ran ahead excitedly and ‘talked’ to his twin about what happened during the day. It was both so beautiful and heartbreaking that mom Brooke just had to take a photo and share it on social media.

Photo credit: Brooke Myrick

The touching photo of Walker leaning against Willis’ grave and talking to his dead twin has gone viral, with millions of people offering words of encouragement for Walker and the family.

The photo was taken back in 2012 but still goes viral to this day, even with Walker already 9 years old and turning 10 this March 6.

Photo credit: Brooke Myrick

He told us he just wanted to tell Willis about school,” Brooke told the Daily Mail. “It is special for me and that photo meant so much to me. When we lost him I just always wanted Walker to never forget Willis,” Brooke said. “I do think they share a special bond. They were identical twins so I think it will always be there.

I think he feels a sense of peace at the grave site. Even though years have passed, he has told us he believes his brother is always with him. He does speak of him often and shares his brother with his friends,” she added.

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