Heartless Woman Kills 8 Puppies in Front of Mommy Dog to “Teach Her a Lesson”!

An enraged woman got so angry at a stray dog which gave birth at her gate that she took all its eight puppies and killed them one by one by slamming their heads on the rocks – while the poor mommy dog watched!

In a report on Relay Hero, it was revealed that the incident happened last March 15 in a town named Krishanagar in India.

According to the report, the mother dog named Ammu was a stray who gave birth at the woman’s gate. Because there are already a lot of stray dogs in the area, and their number kept on increasing as expected of stray dogs, she was angry that this mother dog had not only chosen her gate to give birth at but also because the dog had given birth to many puppies!

Photo credit: Relay Hero

In her rage, the woman picked them one after the other, slamming their heads on the rocks while the puzzled mom watched. Now, most mommy dogs would have bitten the woman but Ammu was probably shocked or just didn’t understand what this crazed human was doing.

Some onlookers said that Ammu looked worried as she nuzzled and nudged her babies as if trying to wake them up. Some of the bystanders called the cops but the puppies were all **** by the time the authorities arrived.

Photo credit: Relay Hero

The unnamed woman was taken to prison and could face up to 5 years in jail, if proven guilty. With the wealth of evidence against her, including CCTV footage from a nearby establishment, it was quite likely that she won’t be able to win the case – unless she pleads insanity…

When asked what urged her to kill the puppies, the woman readily answered that she had only wanted to “teach her a lesson”. Netizens were enraged at the woman’s actions, saying that while Ammu is just a dog, she also has feelings and has the right to be a mother to her babies.

Here’s a report on the incident:

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Relay Hero

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