Nina Poeta was living the life that anyone would have wanted to live… She had a very supportive family she could always count on, a loving boyfriend who was quite proud of her achievements, and she’s one of the most popular figures in school.

She’s also one of the best cheerleaders, not just in their own school – this would later be proven when cheerleaders from rival schools would cheer for Nina.

Then, out of the blue, she was diagnosed with rare brain tumor which was on her brain stem and could not be operated on. It was soon clear that Nina had no chance of getting better. Her prognosis was not good.

Supporters from around the globe pitched in money while people in Nina’s community even went as far as sending food to the family’s home or dropping in to help clean the house and mow the lawn or do just about anything that the family needed in those trying times.

Yes, Nina was dying but she was not alone. She had the support of the entire community. They made sure she was as comfortable and happy as possible.

Check out what this awesome community had been doing for Nina in this video:

Sadly, Nina succumbed to cancer a year after she was diagnosed. Still, it is admirable how the community went out of its way to make her last days wonderful.

News Source:

SF Globe