In our lifetime, we spend almost half of our life under the scorching heat of the sun—-walking down the street, sunbathing on a beach, sitting in in our lawn or cars with the  windows rolled down and enjoying the feel of it.

But do you know what really happens to your skin when it’s hit directly by the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays? We wouldn’t know unless we see ourselves under an ultraviolet camera, which can show us what our skin really looks under the raging heat of the sun.

This video urges us to wear sunscreen products to help our skin from becoming too damaged by the effects of the UV rays from the sun: sunscreen lotion, glasses, sunglasses, and wearing the right kind of clothing depending on the weather are just some of the ways we can protect ourselves. These items help block the UV radiation from getting directly to our skin and help the risk of developing skin diseases and skin cancer.

Do you want to see what your face looks like under the sun with the use of ultraviolet camera with and without sunscreen on? Watch the video below to find out!





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