How fast do you drive? Of course, that would depend on a number of factor like where you are driving and what vehicle you are handling but, in general, how fast do you drive?

Most of us go at around 50 to 70 km/h, perhaps faster in wide highways or slower in crowded places but have you ever imagined what could possibly happen to a vehicle that crashes at certain speeds, such as at 65 km/h?

Top Gear Philippines recently shared a video of crash tests done on a number of vehicles running at 65 km/h. The results were quite surprising – and definitely terrifying! I surely would not want me or anyone else to figure in such accidents as the crumpled car could have parts that might pierce the body, leading the hemorrhage or, worse, death.

We can’t help it – we use our vehicles on a daily basis. We’re not dictating how fast or slow you guys should drive as the speed limits (maximum or minimum) often differ, depending on where you are driving, but please be careful. Yes, the car you are driving probably has airbags and other safety features yet it is always better to be safe than sorry…

Check out the video of the crash tests: