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He’s 85, She’s 82. But They’re Both Still Walking Across Towns to Sell Vegetables… And Someone Robbed Their House While They Were Out!

Life is tough – everyone knows that; yet we all have different experiences and definitions of just what “life it tough” means. For many of us, a tough life could mean not having internet access for days, not being able to buy the latest gadgets, not getting your favorite drink from some high-end coffee shop, etc. yet there are many people who haven’t even touched a cellphone or could not even afford to drink coffee!

And while many of us stay in our comfortable homes and go to work in some posh office or high-end coffee shop (freelancers often do that!), there are those who earn a living by walking across towns to sell stuff.

Photo credit: Facebook / Tambayan ni BERTO
Photo credit: Facebook / Tambayan ni BERTO

This is what 85-year-old Efepanio Bacus and his 82-year-old wife Conchita Bacus do, almost every day. According to one netizen who shared their story on social media, picked up by Facebook page Tambayan ni BERTO, the couple sometimes knocks at their door to sell vegetables.

This one particular day in San Jose, Maniki, in Kapalong, Davao Del Norte, in the Philippines, it was only the old man who went there to sell patola (sponge gourd) and saba, a type of banana. The netizen and her dad immediately bought all the goods the old man was selling because he looked like he was having a difficult time carrying the sacks.

Photo credit: Facebook / Tambayan ni BERTO
Photo credit: Facebook / Tambayan ni BERTO

Asked why he was alone that day, Tatay Efepanio revealed that Nanay Conchita stayed at home to ‘guard’ their house because the last they both went out, someone took all their pots and pans as well as their radio.

Poor old couple! They probably won’t be able to retrieve their lost items – and they still had to go out daily to sell their vegetables for food and other things they need.

  • WarOfSelf

    what’s their contact? At least we can try and replace their stolen items!