After getting involved in an accident when he was 16 years old and receiving help from someone who did not ask for payment but told him to “pay it forward”, Tom Weller spent the next 50 years patrolling the highways of San Diego, California, looking for people who needed help.

He is known as the “Highway Man”. Just like his rescuer, he does not collect fees from people but tells them to “pay it forward”, too.

Then, someone wrecked his beloved car, Beulah, in 2011. Tom continued his search and rescue mission using another car yet Beulah would always be his favorite.

Meanwhile, a guy named Rick had witnessed the 2011 accident and was haunted by it for years. When he learned that the wrecked car was owned by the valiant Highway Man, he knew just what to do to erase the accident’s image from his mind and to give back to the man who dedicated his entire life saving many motorists on the freeway…

Check out this touching story in this video shared on YouTube by Here’s What’s Up:

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