Hiker Finds Wreckage at the Bottom of a Steep Forest, Discovers it was a Porsche Stolen 27 Years Ago

Back in January 1991, a 1979 Porsche 924 was stolen outside a movie theater in Medford, Oregon. There were no witnesses to identify the suspect/s and the car was never spotted being driven in or around town since the theft.

For nearly 27 years, it remained a mystery. It was as if the car just vanished into thin air!

Then, on November 28, 2017, a man taking his dog for a hike deep in the forest discovered a vehicle that turned out to be the stolen Porsche. The vehicle was on its roof, wedged against a tree deep in the steep forest.

There were skeletal remains beside the wrecked vehicle. The hiker immediately called the cops.

Photo credit: Update News / YouTube

The vehicle was positively identified as the same one stolen from the movie theater all those many years ago but the cops were somewhat relieved to find that the skeletal remains were not of a human being but a deer, possibly hit by the car when it came rolling down the embankment.

But while it was good news that the skeletal remains weren’t human, the cops remain stumped as to the identity and whereabouts of the thief/thieves. A search of the car showed no evidence to identify the suspect/s and it’s highly likely that this mystery will never be solved despite the car being found.

Photo credit: Update News / YouTube

Perhaps the cops could try to find the person who suffered from unexplained injuries back in 1991 but unless someone confesses involvement in the crime, it’s possible they may never solve it at all.

The cops are now trying to find a way to recover the vehicle, something that proved to be extra challenging due to its location at the bottom of the embankment.

Photo of a Porsche 924 similar to the one discovered in the forest
Photo credit: Alessio, CC BY 2.0 / NTD TV

Do you think this mystery will ever be solved?

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