Have you already watched Michael Keaton’s “Birdman”? Well, we are here to offer you another version of Birdman, the one written by kids.

When given the concept of a Birdman, how would kids write a story? In Keaton’s movie, the birdman was not really a superhero but somewhat viewed as a hallucination on his part. But the kids did not know that because they probably have not watched the flick.

So, given the chance to write a script starring the Birdman, how would kids do the scenes? It is funny how Keaton and Fallon read the scripts with extra feelings. There is much laughter from the audience as they acted out the hilarious scenes.

Apparently, the kids believed the Birdman had some kind of powers. You can enjoy the video here and tell us which of the three stories you liked best [I personally prefer the second story]: