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Homeless and a Beggar as a Child, This Girl Graduates from College! What an Inspiration…

Rodallie S. Mosende grew up homeless and living on Paterno Street, Quiapo in Manila, the Philippines but she did not let this major hurdle block her from going to school and making her dreams come true.

According to The Filipino Times, Rodallie was a beggar as a child. Sometimes, when she’s too hungry, she would grab food from passersby. When her mother got sick, she was forced to hustle food from vendors to feed the family but promised to pay them when she get older.

Wanting to make good of this promise, Rodallie struggled to go to school despite the family not having enough money even for food.

It was back in 2011 that her life began to turn around when she met documentary photographer Rick Rocamora who was doing a documentary about the homeless in Quiapo at the time. Rick was touched by Rodallie’s determination to finish high school.

When her story became viral, an anonymous benefactor donated money to support her college education at the Lyceum University of the Philippines (Manila campus)! A number of social media users also contributed money to help Rodallie while she also worked as a street sweeper for food and transportation.

Last April 23, Rodallie was among those who graduated from the prestigious private university. She’s living proof that anyone can succeed with hard work and perseverance plus some (or a lot of) help from the community.

Photo credit: The Filipino Times
Photo credit: The Filipino Times

A job in the cruise industry is in the works for her now that she has graduated from International Hospitality Management, majoring in cruise line operation in hotel services. Very soon, she and her family would no longer be homeless.

Congratulations, Rodallie! May you continue to persevere and work your way to success! You are a big inspiration for us all…

  • urriah

    damn ninjas… cutting onions… *sniff sniff

  • Ynad23

    wow! an inspiration indeed!

  • Delicious Meat Pie

    Ito dapat ang tularan mga kabataan. Isa syang inspiration para sa lahat. Mabuhay ka Rodallie! Mabuhay din kayong mga may ginintuang mga puso na tumulong. Dapat din kayong pamarisan.

  • eric

    I wish you well in your journey in life. Inspiring.
    You’re an inspiration to the youth of today.

  • Dennis Abad

    here’s the video that came with this story you guys!

    • great job on the video Dennis. and thanks for sharing.

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      nice video Sir.Pashare..po.Thanks

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      Thanks for the video. May this serve as an ispiration for the kids out there.

      • Sr.Athens

        Ang sarap tumulong.

  • Pinoy Truth

    I congratulate buzzflare for taking a manila times story, rehashing it, and pimping its viral appeal. Gotta love capitalism! Who said pinoys are unoriginal parasites?

  • Nice guy

    I am touch every time i read story like this. I recall also what my family have been trough until i achieve my degree. From working in the constructions, selling goods on the streets, etc. just to have something to eat and support my education. In Gods grace I get a degree as well as my brothers and sisters and have decent job. It’s all about hard work and strong determination.

  • Mikael Arhelger

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  • Jenry Isaiah Sayo

    nanggaling din po ako sa ganyan buhay. 1962 po namatay ang tatay ko. 6-1/2 yrs old palang po ako. pero kelangan na magbanat ng buto kc di naman nakapg aral nanay ko. lahat kami pitong magkakapatid ay nagkanya-kanyang kayod. sa edad na 8 anyos ako natuto maging scavenger sa gabi at aral sa umaga. working student since my elementary days until I finish my course in college. kaya kay Rodallie saludo ako saiyo.

    • Sr.Athens

      Saludo ako sa inyo.

  • junviray

    Congratulations. Poverty is not an option to fail. Rather a step towards greatness and success.

  • Sr.Athens

    Para sa Pilipino, ang edukasyon ay kayamanan na hindi mananakaw.

  • Papa Ron

    I salute the girl for her accomplishment and hope she inspires more.