What’s your favorite snack? How far are you willing to go just to get a free sample of this favorite food item? One brand of chips tried to find out just how much people are willing to do for their favorite snack: Fantastic Delites. The results were quite surprising!

The brand placed a special vending machine in the middle of a crowded spot in Australia where the snack item is a favorite among many customers. There’s a red button right next to a screen. People were asked to do a challenge to get a sample. Some were asked to push the red button a number of times while others were made to do sillier stuff such as dancing in a specific manner.

A number of people had it easy but there were those who were asked to do quite silly things. For example, there were those who asked to press the button a hundred or a few hundred times yet others were asked to do it by the thousand – and they readily complied!

Check out just how far people will go to get this favorite snack item (which, by the way, is actually valued at just $1.69)…

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SF Globe