Husband Folds Heart-Shaped Money Every Day for 6 Years, Buys Wife a Brand New Car with the Money

It is true that there are many different ways that a man can show his love for his wife. Often, they just have to be creative to do it in a unique way that would make her feel extra special.

One man from Sichuan, China, found a rather unique way of showing his love for his wife by folding her two heart-shaped banknotes every day. It was the husband’s creative way of saving some money while also showing his love for his wife.

Photo credit: AsiaOne

This unnamed Chinese guy planned to give his wife the heart-shaped banknotes for 20 years but after 6 years of doing this every day, he noticed that the old money in the box had become rather moldy. Instead of the money possibly going to waste if he waits for his self-imposed 20-year deadline, the loving husband decided to use it to gift his wife a brand new car.

Photo credit: AsiaOne

Placing all their heart-shaped savings in a suitcase, the man and his wife went to a local dealership to buy a car.

Photo credit: AsiaOne

His wife chose a lovely red SUV.

The staff at the dealership were rather surprised with the heart-shaped money the man had brought to the store but were delighted by the story behind the origami that they didn’t mind spending the next couple of hours unfolding and counting the cash.

Photo credit: AsiaOne

It turned out the man was able to save 20,000 yuan ($3,000) with those heart-shaped banknotes he gifted his wife every day for 6 years! While the cash wasn’t enough to pay for the car, the man used a credit card to settle the remaining bill – and his wife drove away with the gift.

Isn’t this the sweetest but most practical way to show love to someone?

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