In Britain, A Growing Number of People Want to Shutdown Zoos

Zoo Owner David Gill loves to keep animals in his zoo, but the captive animals are more likely to die there since the animals are not used to it.  He already got fined because some of his animals were dying or escaping from his zoo; a local newspaper once reported that he was chasing an escaped animal with his motorcycle.

Image by The Dublin Pass

He published a book called Nine Lives: One Man’s Insatiable Journey Through Love, Life and Near Death, which shares his sufferings in his adventure with his animals. He risked his own life attempting to save a drowning kangaroo and again when he walked into a raging inferno to save his own lemurs. Tragedy struck when he had to shoot his own rhino in a mercy killing.

Back in 2013, there was a tiger attack incident that killed a 24-year-old employee, Sarah McClay.  The incident inspired him to write a book about animals as he have lots of experience with them, including animal dying because of hyperthermia, and a tiger that apparently chewed its own paw.

With the help of BBC programs, the people’s eyes are being opened to the threats that zoo can do to animals. Even though, Gill’s response to animals causing some trouble would be to kill them, he believes that it is important to raise them.

Captive Animals’ Protection Society claimed that there are a large amount of captive animals behaving badly and this might be a good reason to close down zoos.  However, zoo owners might have a say in this too since this is how they make money.

We need to remember that zoos are made because some people want to get close to nature and by visiting zoos, they are able to feel that way.

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