In the Netherlands, Police “Arrests” 99-Year-Old Woman to Complete Her Bucketlist

Having lived for almost a century, “Annie” had her share of memorable experiences that made her life colorful and interesting.

But, there is an item in her bucket list that still remains unchecked. And she is determined to cross it out of the list. So, she told her niece she wishes to live the “wild side” and experience jail time.

Without any intention of failing the old woman’s wish, the obliging niece gave Nijmegen-Zuid Police a call and explained her aunt’s wild wish.

Puzzled at first, the police made Annie’s wish come true and arrested her, with handcuffs chained on both of her hands. She was also able to ride the police car. Talk about the ride of her life!

And that’s not all. She was also given the chance to get inside an actual jail and be locked up inside, but only for a few minutes. She also had her picture taken inside the cell.

Image courtesy of the Facebook Account of Politie Nijmegen-Zuid

Annie was all smiles throughout the experience. It was definitely a dream come true for the old lady. She cannot help but be thankful that she can finally cross this experience out of her bucket list.

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