Dubbed as India’s first professional wheelchair bodybuilder, Anand Arnold has an inspiring story to tell; a story of courage and determination.

Today, he encourages people to live their dreams and live their lives to the fullest – for he had experienced what it is to live in fear that he would never wake up and get to fulfill his dreams.

At a tender age of 13, Anand found passion in bodybuilding, quickly gaining awards in the sport. But fate had other plans for the young bodybuilder. Two years later, he was diagnosed with spinal cancer and had to be quickly operated on. Doctors told the family Anand could have died if the operation happened a week later than schedule! His condition was that grave.

Afterwards, the young man was paralyzed – he could only move his hands but the rest of his body was immobile. For 3 years he was bedridden.

By the end of the third year, he decided he’s had enough of his condition. The determined young man convinced his father to bring him to the gym. Despite being bound by his wheelchair, he soon winning awards in the sport – exactly as he had wished in the past!

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