Instagram Star Goes Viral for Honest Post about Her Stretch Marks, Showing that Even Slim Ladies Can Have ‘Tiger Stripes’!

While there are a lot of young ladies struggling with their body image, mainstream and social media are not helping them out because we are constantly bombarded with photos and videos of flawless ladies who look like they don’t have any blemishes at all – while we, mortals, have a lot of things to worry about!

But thanks to people like Instagram star Lexi Mendiola, we get a glimpse at the things that many popular figures would rather want to hide.

In an honest post that has gone viral on social media, Mendiola shares a photo of herself showing the stretch marks on her thighs – and that is certainly something that most IG stars and social media personalities would rather hide!

The post earned praise because Mendiola was able to uplift many young women struggling with self-image. After all, if this popular Instagram star who looks slim and beautiful has stretch marks and feels proud about it, then everyone else should not also worry about them, right?

Thanks, Lexi Mendiola for your honest post! Indeed, you are brave to share something so secret and personal like this one – when most IG stars use filters to hide their imperfections!

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