Instead of Having a Grand Debut for Her 18th Birthday, This Young Lady Chose to Share Her Blessings with Less Fortunate People

A girl only gets to turn 18 once; thus, a lot of parents would not hesitate to host a grand debut to celebrate such a momentous event in their daughter’s life.

There are many times, however, when parents could not host a grand ball because they do not have money for such a huge celebration yet there are also times when it is the debutante who refuses to celebrate her 18th birthday in such a grand manner because she wants to use the money for something else – like a trip to her dream destination or, perhaps, for a noble cause.

Let’s take for example an admirable young lady named Janella Salvador, an actress in the Philippines, who chose to forgo a grand debut and receiving 18 treasures. Instead, she chose to transform the 18 treasures into 18 blessings.

Just like any other debutante, photographers followed her around as she shared her 18 blessings to less fortunate people living in the streets, providing them with a bag of groceries and a long umbrella. What an admirable young lady!

Watch the video here: