Across the world, there are lots of injustices that happen – such as being jailed for a crime that the accused did not actually do. Perhaps he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time and circumstantial evidence points to him as the culprit; the accused is innocent but the courts prove him guilty, anyway.

This almost happened to the old man in the video. In this short story set and created in Thailand, a homeless man could be seen sorting through the trash cans for food and stuff he could make money from yet this poor man had a kind, generous heart. He gives donation to the monks even if it means having to scour the trash for his lunch.

While passing by a school one day, he saw a child who seemed to have no money to buy ice cream but looked like she wanted to taste some. So, the kind man gave her a coin. Little did he know that his kind act would bring him good karma; though, it did not appear to be so at first.

Watch the story here: