During the much talked about fight between Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, the world saw Jimmy Kimmel walking towards the ring as part of the Pinoy champ’s entourage. Many were surprised why he was there but avid Jimmy fans knew beforehand that this could happen after the talk show host volunteered himself as Manny’s Justin Bieber for the fight.

As you might already know, Justin accompanies Floyd as part of his entourage.

Now, everyone laughed when Jimmy requested to be Manny’s Justin Bieber but the Pinoy champ actually included the funny guy in his entourage! Acting the part, Jimmy wore a “silly hat”, lots of blings, and a shirt with a Pacman eating Floyd heads.

However, Jimmy did not bring Manny luck in the ring as the Pinoy champ lost to the undefeated champion. So, what’s Jimmy got to say now?

Watch it here:

Here’s the video of Jimmy asking to be part of Manny’s entourage: