Kitten Rescued by a Husky ‘Mom’ Thinks She’s a Dog, Even Demands to Go on Walks! LOL

Only two weeks old when she was found in the streets of San Jose, California, Rosie didn’t seem to have any chance of survival as she refused to eat and was too frail that she would shiver despite the blankets she was wrapped in.

None of her rescuers’ “tried and tested” methods worked. She seems to have really given up and was surely going to die.

Photo credit: Instagram / @lilothehusky

But her primary rescuer’s dog came forward and ‘adopted’ Rosie. According to animal caretaker Thoa Bui, “When Rosie came our way, we tried to take care of her. Nothing we did was working.”

After the Thoa’s husky dog Lilo bonded with the kitten, “She [Rosie] started feeding after a couple hours of just cuddling.”

Since then, the two were inseparable. With no cats around and being too young to remember her own family, Rosie would soon grow up thinking she’s a dog!

Photo credit: Instagram / @lilothehusky

Just like Lilo, she would ask Thoa to be let out so she could answer the call of nature – and even demands that she be taken along while Lilo and her siblings go out on a walk! LOL. It was surely quite adorable to see a little cat taking a walk [and on a leash!] with three dogs.

Photo credit: Instagram / @lilothehusky
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