A wonderful friendship began one fateful night at the bar back in 1989 when John Townsend was pouring all his sorrows on a bottle of beer to mourn the dissolution of his marriage. He bumped into a woman named Pam who was with married friends, Dave and Marcia Lang.

John and Pam fell madly in love that evening – and John became good friends with Pam’s friends, Dave and Marcia. John and Dave became the best of friends. Many years later, Dave and Marcia would gift John with a personalized book. It sent the wheels in motions…

The two were surprised to discover that Dave shares the same last name as John’s mother. They also discovered they came from the same place: Shoreditch, England. John’s sister was tracing the family’s genealogy and came to a realization that best friends John Townsend and Dave Lang were, in fact, first cousins!

John’s mom and Dave’s dad were siblings! The discovery happened some 20 years after they first met each other yet it was exciting nonetheless! This could be the reason why they easily became friends even there at the bar that fateful night in 1989.

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