It would be too funny, perhaps borderline crazy, to use liquid-repellent tissue paper but the company who made superhydrophobic coating was just making a point. After all, if they could make a super absorbent thing liquid-repellent, then they must be awesome, right?

Photo credit: YouTube/ultratechvideo

Photo credit: YouTube/ultratechvideo

This is the reason why I was really impressed by this cool video. Who wouldn’t be, really? Aside from the tissue paper, the coating made several other stuffs repel liquid.

Watch this awesome video and prepare to be amazed…

According to the company, the product is available for industrial applications only, as of the moment, anyway. We’re hoping they could come up with a product which they would sell to the general public the soonest time possible…

I would surely love to try these on a number of items in the house, including my shoes!