LOOK: 10-Year-Old Surfer Boy’s Close Encounter with a Great White Shark Goes Viral

The Hasson family was enjoying a day at Samurai beach in Port Stephens, eastern Australia when dad Chris took some photos that would soon take the internet by storm and propel his son to internet fame!

According to Chris Hasson, he was taking photos of son Eden as the 10-year-old boy surfed the waves when he noticed what appears to be an 8-foot Great White Shark just a few feet away from the child! He showed the photos to his friends who were also there at the beach – and they all agreed that Eden just had a very close encounter with a shark!

Photo credit: Chris Hasson / Facebook

It was a good thing the boy didn’t fall off – and he said so himself when his dad showed him the snapshots!

While there were a number of skeptics on social media who believe that the figure was just a surfer duck diving the wave, James Cook University shark researcher Andrew Chin believes the figure was truly that of a small Great White Shark.

Chin believes the shark was “spooked and … [was] rolling away from the board to escape it.”

Photo credit: Chris Hasson / Facebook

Did the experience scare Eden off the water? Not a bit! The boy would get back and have fun at the waves the following day.

Source :

The Guardian

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