LOOK: 7-Year-Old Boy Finds Bag of Cash in the Trash Bin, Discovers it’s from a Bank Robbery

Seven-year-old Griffin Steele went to a gas station in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with his dad, Shane, but the two would soon get involved in a little ‘detective’ mission after he found a bag of cash in the trash bin.

Griffin told news reporters that they had gone to the gas station and his dad was putting air in the tires when he spotted a $20 bill on the ground while heading off to the convenience store to grab some drinks as he was feeling thirsty.

He thought it was a bit odd that the money had a red spot at the back; so, he and his dad asked the store’s cashier whether the money was fake but were told that it was an authentic bill. But Griffin’s good luck did not stop there.

Screenshot from report by Inside Edition

After he finished his drink, he went to the trash bin to throw the container but spotted plenty of money inside when he peered in. His dad took out the bag and they were surprised to see lots of money in it; however, many of the bills had red stains on them.

At this point, Shane called the cops who quickly arrived at the scene to retrieve the money. The father and son detective team was informed that the cash could have come from the bank a few blocks away. It turned out someone robbed the bank earlier that day and the culprit must have dumped the money in the bin to avoid detection, planning to come back for it later.

Cops are now looking for the suspect.

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