LOOK: Cotton Buds are Dangerous! Here’s the Correct Way to Clean Your Ears

Did you know that using cotton buds on your ears can do more harm than good? Ditch those cotton buds now because these could cause complications and lead to hearing loss!

First off, we understand how you feel about earwax. Yes, it is quite gross and unclean but did you know that this yucky wax is actually protecting your ear and is not just a waste product from your ear canal? Many of us have this misconception that earwax is waste – in reality, it is a natural chemical substance made by your ears to act as cleaner.

Photo credit: Remedy Daily
Photo credit: Remedy Daily

It ‘sweeps’ your ear canal by collecting dirt, dead skin cells, and hair long its route. It is the antibacterial properties in earwax that helps make your ears cleaner and less susceptible to germs. You have to let it get out of your ears in natural fashion because if you use cotton buds, you will only be pushing it back inside the ear canal – and this could lead to unhealthy build-up that might even cause infections and hear loss!

Have you noticed how you sometimes feel that your ears are itchy? This could be because you have been constantly cleaning your ear canal and there’s no more earwax left inside to fight off germs!

So, how do you clean your ears? It’s actually quite easy!

First, mix one part rubbing alcohol with one part white vinegar (only use white vinegar!). Using a dropper, place a few drops of this solution into one ear and let it stay there for a few minutes. Then, tilt your head to the side to drain out the fluid unto a cotton ball or soft cloth. Repeat with the other ear.

Simply wipe the mess with a soft cloth and you’ll have cleaner ears in no time at all!

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