LOOK: These Bar Stools are Hilarious… We Bet These Made You Look Twice!

A picture of a group of nuns is going viral on the internet – because of the hilarious bar stools they were sitting on. No, this wasn’t a group of girls in nun costume but seemed to be legitimate nuns; though they looked quite funny while sitting on the bar stools whose legs were sculpted to look like they were the legs of sexy ladies in miniskirts.

In the photo shared by Facebook page, Explore Talent – Acting and Modeling, the nuns could be seen simply sitting on the bar stools – and we’re willing to bet they knew about the sexy legs but they gamely posed for the camera, anyway.

The photo which had over 70k likes and close to 38k shares on Facebook was captioned, “Whoever made these bar stools is a pure genius. I had to look twice.

Photo credit: Explore Talent - Acting and Modeling / Facebook
Photo credit: Explore Talent – Acting and Modeling / Facebook

Indeed, we had to look twice to check whether the nun legs were real – and discovered that they weren’t but we’re still willing to bet the photo also made you look twice, didn’t it? LOL!

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