In 2006, while volunteering for an orphanage in India, Mike Perrett fell off a mountain and badly damaged his leg. He was actually lucky to be alive as he could have died from the fall but he would later lose his leg.

When Mike proposed to long-time girlfriend, Melita, and promised to give her a part of himself, he meant it rather literally – because the engagement ring he gave her was embedded with shards taken from the shin bone of his amputated leg!

It just might seem weird to a lot of people but Mike was adamant that the ring he give his lovely girlfriend will be unique and made with a part of himself. So, he requested jeweler Ingle & Rhode to create the ring.

Photo credit: Ingle & Rhode

Photo credit: Ingle & Rhode

The unique platinum engagement ring had a quarter-carat diamond in the middle, flanked by two triangles where Mike’s bone fragments (these were sterilized first) were embedded. The design was actually quite lovely, not gross even if there were bone fragments in the ring.

So, what was Melita’s response to the proposal? Well, she said “yes!” and the two were later married on a beach somewhere in the Philippines. The two are now expecting their second child.

But what does Melita have to say about her unique ring?

I guess why it’s so special to me is because I think it shows his bravely coming to terms with something like that so positively… which has to be a good attribute for marriage.

Considering she had been there with him even before he lost his leg, she understands just how important that leg had been for him – and she loves that he had given part of it to her.