This Man Dresses Up as a Woman after Mother Suffered from Mental Illness When His Sister Died

Many of us are willing to do anything and everything just to make our parents happy, especially in their old age.

One man who hails from Guilin in the Guangxi region of China went to great lengths to make his mother happy – and this has gotten much social media attention because his story was quite unusual.

Twenty years ago, this man’s sister died. Filled with grief over the death of her daughter, the man’s mother began to show signs of mental illness. Her condition grew worse as days grew by, with her mind unwilling to accept the fact that her daughter is already gone.

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No matter how hard her son tried to explain that her daughter was gone, the old lady just couldn’t grasp the explanation and kept on looking for her dead daughter. So, despite it being the unconventional choice, the son decided to dress up as the dead daughter to make his mother feel better.

Sure enough, while the woman wasn’t completely healed and would remain mentally ill, she became happier and no longer felt distraught over her ‘lost’ daughter.

Seeing that his mother was happy about having her daughter back, the son would continue dressing up as a woman while he cared for his mother. He later got tired of having to change clothes from man to woman, that he eventually ditched his male clothes and took to wearing the traditional cheongsam dress every single day.

Photo credit: Pear Video / YouTube

For over 20 years, he’s been living this way. But while many netizens praised him for giving up on being a man to make his mentally ill mother happy, others accused him of simply taking advantage of the situation because he’s actually a closet gay and just wanted to wear women’s clothing without people accusing him of being gay.

Do you think that’s the case? Whether that might be true or not, what matters is that his mother seems to be happy with her other ‘daughter’.

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