Man from India Gets Kidnapped, Forced into Marriage

A 29-year-old steel engineer was just attending a wedding ceremony but he soon found himself at the center of another wedding ceremony, but this time, as the groom forced into marriage!

Vinod Kumar is a guest in a wedding of a friend held in Nalanda District, close to Patna in northeast India’s Bihar estate. According to him, someone befriended him during the wedding. The same persons asked him to step outside and that is when he was abducted and was taken into a house where he was forced to put vermillion in the hair of a girl whom he has never seen before.

Image from Pixabay

The steel engineer was crying when the relatives of the bride told him to shut up, saying that they were only performing his wedding and not hanging him.

Soon, he found himself being married to the said girl. He said that he cannot marry the girl since he does not have his parents’ consent for such marriage but not long after, guns were pointing at his head.

‘Pakadua Vivah’, or the ritual of forcible marriage is quite common in the area of Bihar. Families of a would-be bride with no sufficient resources for dowry look for a suitable groom and carry out such ritual.

The police were now looking into the case.