Man in Wheelchair Clings to Back of Van at Busy Highway, Fearlessly Switches Lanes

You would think that a person on a wheelchair would be more careful in life but one man proved that this is not always the case as he clings to the back of a van at a busy highway, then fearlessly switches lanes without thinking about his own safety as he might get hit by the other cars.

The video was taken somewhere in South Africa, as shared on Facebook page ZA NeighbourHoods Watch.

Photo credit: ZA NeighbourHoods Watch / Facebook

In the clip, the guy in the wheelchair could be seen clinging to the corner of the van. He did not seem scared that at any moment the speeding van could brake suddenly or move even faster that he might be thrown away!

Perhaps he thinks that the driver would give him more consideration and would not do such an act? Still, what he was doing was very dangerous, especially because he certainly has limited mobility on that wheelchair.

Of course, hanging on to that van would make the wheelchair go much faster than if the guy had to roll the wheels manually – that’s a no-brainer; however, he is also putting himself in greater danger! The wheelchair is not designed to handle that kind of speed and he could easily get thrown off into the busy highway.

Photo credit: ZA NeighbourHoods Watch / Facebook

One simple mistake could lead to this guy’s *****, especially because he switches lanes and moves to the side of the street without thought of the cars at the back. Whew! This guy is putting his life in danger for the thrill of going faster on the motorway but he is also risking the lives and livelihood of the others using the highway!

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