While out on a hike, a man chanced on an anaconda in the river. How he was able to see the camouflaged snake was quite impressive but what he did not was dumb.

What do you know about snakes? Well, I confess I am no expert on snakes but I know enough to steer clear of them if I ever see one. Snakes can be deadly but even those that aren’t deadly can strike with lightning-fast movements.

Moreover, snakes do not really strike at people unless they were cornered and felt they were in danger or, perhaps, if they were really, really starving.

Now, the man in this video has forgotten Science stuff like that, so he took a stick and began poking the head of the large anaconda. I guess we have to give this guy a Darwin award for excellence.

Here’s the video of the incident. Let this be a lesson to us all. It was a good thing he escaped the attack unscathed and was able to post the video on YouTube.