It was something straight from the plot of a romantic movie. A little boy named Christopher Fordinal felt it in his heart that the woman he would marry someday should have a part of his life even as a kid; thus, he began collecting a box of memories just for her – even if he has not even met anyone yet!

What’s even more romantic about this is that he plans to give her this precious box of memories when he proposes to her, whenever and wherever that might be.

He was a good-looking guy yet he actually did not have any girlfriends in high school because he felt that he would feel a sign from the heavens once he meets “the one”.

As a college sophomore, he finally met her. While watching a play inside a theater, his world literally stopped for an hour and a half after he saw her. He knew she must be the one because he was so captivated by her that he didn’t even know what was happening in the theater while he sat there for those precious minutes.

The rest, as they say, is history – but you’ll find his proposal rather touching. Check it out here: