Man Wears Nail Polish For This One Touching Reason. Awww.

Being a single parent is difficult, mainly because you have the responsibility of playing both roles. That’s what makes this story that we’re going to share about a single father and his baby girl so touching.

In a sweet and touching video from Upworthy, single dad Nathan, who lost his wife to cancer last year, gives viewers a glimpse into his nail-painting process and the special bond he shares with his daughter, 6-year old Sadie. Sadie has been painting her dad Nathan’s nails ever since she was a toddler. Despite the side looks and questions he gets about the nail polish, Nathan has no problem with any of it, because he knows it makes her little girl happy. Also, he says, wearing his daughter’s nail polish on his fingers and toes is about more than aesthetics.

“I’ve had people in the past ask, ‘Are you in a rock band?’ ” he says. “When I walk around with them, I look at the ones she’s painted, I think of her, and that’s really nice. It’s like a way of taking her around with me.”

“As a single dad, raising a really strong confident woman is super important for me,” he says. “And making sure she’s got great role models, but also being a great role model is a primary goal.”

After watching this sweet video, I think Nathan has already achieved his goal to be a great role model for his little girl. Don’t you think?

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