We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for our reason.–Anonymous

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They say love knows no time frame. No matter what happens, love will surely find away, with the help of destiny–no matter how long it takes. This Chinese couple will prove you this. Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Let us share to you the story of  Liu Tao and Dingding.

We just fell in love, and it feels like fairytale comes true”, Liu Tao says. The two met on a blind date, not knowing they already met 23 years ago!

They apparently lived in the same town in 1992 when their childhood photo was taken. Liu Tao, then 4-year old, was playing in his father’s studio when a family friend visited with his daughter (and the daughter was 3-year old Dingding). Imagine!

They posed for a photo and they had no idea they would be happily married 23 years later. After the photo, they lost contact when Dingding’s family moved to Jiangyin City. But fate and destiny had other plans for them.

They met again on a blind date, and the rest was history! Liu Tao says he had already been on more than 10 blind dates, hoping to find “the one” until he met Dingding.

Inspiring, indeed! The couple decided to go back to where they first met, only now, they weren’t alone, because they are with their 1-year old baby.

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1765HDM

A true example of a living fairy tale. Truly, you’d end up with where you’re supposed to be and with the people you’re destined to be with.

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