In a media workout attended by several journalists and actor David Hasselhoff, undefeated American champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. donned a Philippine-themed shirt.

Did he have a change of heart and wanted to gain more Filipino fans in the process or did he just wear the shirt to show he has conquered the Philippines [by conquering its champion]?

Mayweather fans would surely love the shirt’s design. The enlarged sun makes it appear like a huge crown around Mayweather’s picture.

Well, the usually outspoken Mayweather spoke nary a word about the significance of his shirt. Leaving the people to think of what the shirt means could be just another tactic to keep talks of the fight going [as if that’s needed] or just because he is Mayweather, he can do anything he wants.

I love the Philippines. I love all the Philippine fans.

You guys have been remarkable, you guys have done a great job. You guys have stood behind Manny Pacquiao. Without the fans, we both wouldn’t be where we at today.

…and to those thinking Mayweather is trying to declare war by wearing the Philippine flag in war colors, take a look at Coach Freddie Roach’s body protector vest here:


News Source:

Inquirer, GMA News, PEP