Macee Hope McCartney is a miracle baby, having been born twice! But her parents thought she would never even celebrate one birthday!

When she was 4 months in the womb, doctors found a large tumor growing on her tail bone; they told her parents that she should be operated on or there would a huge chance she will die inside the womb.

If Macee continues to grow without outside intervention, the tumor will also grow and steal the nutrients she needed for growth. Already, the tumor has become so large that it has become much bigger than her bottom!

Although quite risky, Macee had to undergo surgery so that the tumor can be removed. For this to be accomplished, the doctors had to remove half of her body from the womb – enough to deal with the problem while ensuring that the action does not trigger the uterus to think the pregnancy has ended.

It was certainly a huge accomplishment for the medical community to pull such a tricky operation. At the time, Keri McCartney (Macee’s mom) was already 25 weeks pregnant.

Macee was placed inside the womb again. Amazingly, no other complications occurred and, ten weeks later, she was born healthy! She does have a scar on her tailbone yet that is nothing compared to what might have happened if the prenatal surgery was not performed.

Here’s Macee’s story: