Missing Jogger Found Alive a Month after Being Abducted by Two Women but Police Remain Puzzled over Motive for the Crime

Sherri Papini was just out jogging by herself one morning when she disappeared without a trace near her home in California, USA. Her distraught family had no idea what happened to her and thousands of people helped in searching for her; though everyone was hoping she was still alive.

Her husband pleaded for the captors to release her alive, adding that there’s a $50k reward for anyone who could help bring her home alive.

A month after the 34-year-old woman went missing, she was found tied to the side of a highway at around 4:30 AM last Thursday.

Photo credit: Globe Today / Inside Edition
Photo credit: Globe Today / Inside Edition

She revealed that she was kidnapped by two Hispanic women last month and was held against her will for unknown reasons. The kidnappers were also the ones who released her at the highway some 3-4 hours from where she disappeared.

A passing motorist was able to help her out of her bonds but wasn’t able to see who dumped her there.

The police are now looking for further leads into the case, especially because they still could not establish a motive for the crime.

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