Modern Japanese Hotel Wows Tourists with ‘Self-Parking’ Slippers and Automated Furniture

The Japanese are well ahead in technology compared with many other countries – and they never fail to amaze us with new gadgets and things that we just didn’t think were possible to create until the Japanese invented these and made such cool stuff available to the public.

Photo credit: Nissan / YouTube

Take for example this hotel in Yokohama, Japan that offers its guests with modern comforts, such as ‘self-parking’ slippers and automated furniture. By now, you are surely asking yourself what could these ‘self-parking’ slippers be?

Well, hotels often provide guests with extra amenities so they wouldn’t have to pack up a lot of things on their trip. Among these are bath towels, toiletries, and slippers.

Photo credit: Nissan / YouTube

Now, the Japanese take pride in being neat and elegant; thus, they also want their hotels to have the same level of sophistication.

With that in mind, carmaker Nissan used its ProPilot Park technology to develop a similar system that hotels and spas can use for things like slippers and furniture.

Photo credit: Nissan / YouTube

This led to the ProPILOT Park Ryokan, a world class hotel that offers guests not just slippers that ‘park’ neatly back to the line when not in use but also throw pillows, remote controls, and even low tables that return to their designated place when not in use! Isn’t that incredible?

Photo credit: Nissan / YouTube

While some netizens found this rather creepy, most were amazed that such things are available now. It would be great to imagine the technology being readily available to the public soon, allowing people to have neater, better homes despite not having housemaids. This would also be especially helpful with those who are disabled and have limited mobility.

Isn’t this quite exciting? Watch the video and be amazed…

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