Mom-of-Five Goes Viral for Barbie-like Appearance and ‘Dream House’ Lifestyle

Barbie and her “life in a dream house” are often associated with young girls yet there are grown women who have made the Mattel doll as the basis for living their lives. In fact, there are those who are very much willing to spend their money on various cosmetic surgeries just to look like a real-life Barbie – and also buy Barbie-inspired stuff!

Take for instance 42-year-old Nannette Hammond who spent close to $500,000 just to transform herself into a human Barbie!

What’s quite incredible is that she already has 5 kids – and the kids as well as her husband are quite supportive of her Barbie obsession, even readily offering to be her photographers so she could post various snapshots on her social media accounts.

It helps a lot that her husband is a businessman who can afford to fund her rather expensive lifestyle. In fact, the family lives in a huge 10-bedroom dwelling, with at least 3 rooms allocated for Nannette’s Barbie clothes and accessories.

She wouldn’t be caught dead wearing mommy pants and driving a minivan, she claims. Thus, aside from wearing trendy Barbie-appropriate clothing, she also drives a pink convertible – just like Barbie’s car!

Nannette admits that she might be enjoying her lifestyle but her kids are suffering because they are often bullied about their Barbie mother. She said that she tells them such is expected because there are people who are naturally nasty and rude; thus, she simply encourages them to ignore the comments.

Watch Nannette’s Barbie-like “life in a dream house” in this video:

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