Mom Pays Touching Tribute to Son Who Died of Leukemia Months Before Her Wedding

She lost her son, Lake Bozman, to leukemia just a few weeks shy of his ninth birthday but Anna Bozman Thompson was determined to include him in the family portrait on her wedding day months later.

Somehow I have managed to continue going but there have been many days that I did not think I could. I have honestly been making it minute to minute as grief is a huge roller coaster,” Anna revealed. “Although I felt his presence that day and I was actually happy, it was almost unbearable to take family pictures without him. I needed this picture more than [the photographer] or anyone could ever know. THIS is my family.

So, Anna decided to have Lake included in the family portrait as a special tribute. Her friend, photographer Brandy Angel, was glad to work on the project as she knows this means a lot to Anna.

Photo credit: Brandy Angel Photography/Mirror UK
Photo credit: Brandy Angel Photography/Mirror UK

The haunting photo will forever remind Anna that Lake might already be dead but he continues to be her little angel, the little boy she loved so much…

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