Mom Takes Photo with Dying Daughter, Captures Her “Guardian Angel” on Camera

While everyone will die at some point, parents often find it difficult to deal with the deaths of their own children – because no one really expects that they would outlive their kids! But life is not fair and many often have to deal with the harsh reality of their kids’ passing.

One mom dealing with her daughter’s impending death tried to capture on camera as much of her life with her daughter as she could, so she will have something to view when the time comes – but one of these photos would forever provide her with the assurance and consolation she needed.

Sarah Danbury from Lincolnshire, UK was always at her daughter Amy’s bedside ever since the 19-year-old girl was diagnosed with fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma, a rare form of liver cancer. Amy suffered so much and had tumors the size of tennis balls in her liver!

Photo credit: MERCURY PRESS / Shareably

Despite the numerous chemotherapy treatments she had to undergo, Amy’s condition worsened and various complications soon gave her so much trouble. Soon enough, it became clear that Amy’s time of Earth wasn’t going to be much longer.

Accepting this was rather difficult for Sarah yet she also knew that she should stay strong for both of them. So, she tried to capture their last moments together, regularly taking photos with her daughter.

In one of these photos, Sarah was able to capture Amy’s “guardian angel” – or so the two of them would like to believe, anyway.

Photo credit: MERCURY PRESS / Shareably

In the snapshot, a light that has a shape similar to that of a person in a robe appears on top of Amy. Since there was no mirror or light on that portion, Sarah and Amy believe that this was her guardian angel!

The photo gave Sarah some consolation when Amy passed away three weeks later.

It gives me comfort seeing that picture because it makes me think there was someone there with Amy looking after her knowing it was coming to her time, you just don’t know,” Sarah said.

But many scoffed at the photo and told the grieving mom that the supposed “guardian angel” in the photo was nothing but an error in the picture, a flash of light from the camera.

Whether that’s real or not, what we know is that the photo helped this devastated mother deal with her daughter’s death – and that’s really more important that knowing the truth about the ethereal light in the photo, right?

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