There is a new danger in swimming that parents should watch out – it is called “dry drowning”. This has been occurring in the past yet has never been fully understood until now.

One parent learned about this the hard way by losing her son in a freak accident caused by dry drowning.

Cassandra Jackson took her 10-year-old son, Johnny, to a public pool for a swim. The child had flotation devices and was watched by Cassandra and a friend. After around 45 minutes of swimming, they went home but two hours after the swim, Johnny defecated in his pants twice. The young boy also complained about being tired.

Thinking the child was simply tired from swimming around and there simply was no outside indication that something terrible is going on, Cassandra did not bring him to the hospital. The boy went to his room.

The child was unconscious when Cassandra’s friend found him. They called emergency services but the child was pronounced dead on arrival. The official results of Johnny’s autopsy revealed that the young boy died from asphyxiation due to drowning. This is called “dry drowning” which can be due to a person inhaling some water after injury in the lungs — but the mother did not even notice that her child had injured himself and had inhaled some water! It really was a puzzling incident.

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News Source:

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