Many of us know how hard it is to shed off those extra pounds because of a lot of reasons. For example, there seems to be an endless list of parties to attend to or fun events with lots of food available. Also, it is quite difficult to stay away from these delicious foods and equally as hard to hit the gym or find time to go jogging.

For many, it really is matter of not being motivated to lose weight. We feel comfortable about our own weights and despite wanting to lose weight, the drive is not enough to actually make us truly want to lose weight!

Photo credit: Anthony S/YouTube

Photo credit: Anthony S/YouTube

This young man is so large he tipped the scales at 210 lbs (95 kg). He realized it was a good idea to lose weight for his senior year – so he tried another diet scheme and began working out in the gym. Within less than a year, he already looked slim!

Here’s his story:

What a wonderful young man. He shares a great journey in hopes he can inspire others to lose weight.

I am not yet obese but I think I would not wait until that time comes. It’s time to shed these extra pounds! Are you with me?