Netizens Help 80-Year-Old Man Selling Firewood to Pay for Dead Wife’s Medical Bills

Last year, Jessica Pittman was driving through Gulfport, Mississippi when she noticed a curious scene: an old couple selling bags of firewood and kindling from their parked SUV by the side of the road. She got out of her car to interview the old couple, Kenneth and Helen Smith, and learned that they were doing this to earn money for the cancer-stricken wife’s medical bills.

They were selling a bag of firewood for $5 to fund Helen’s treatment after they used up their entire life’s savings due to her lung cancer.

Jessica bought some firewood from the couple and went on her way.

Photo credit: Jessica Pittman / NTD TV

A year later, she was shocked to see Kenneth on the same spot, still selling firewood. Sadly, he was alone now because his wife had passed away but he had to continue selling firewood to make ends meet.

After his story went viral and people began asking how they could help aside from buying firewood from him, his daughter finally set up a GoFundMe campaign. The campaign went viral on the site, with over 5,000 people donating money for the old man.

Photo credit: Jessica Pittman / NTD TV

To date, the campaign has gathered more than $118.5k on a $120k goal. It’s a great thing that humanity has come together and raised money for this old man so he wouldn’t have to spend the rest of his days selling firewood just so he would survive…

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