New Ad Released for Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters… And It’s Awesome!

Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters is the place for, errrr, gifted youngsters – and is best known for its being not just a school but also a home to gifted (or mutant) youngsters and their gifted mentors. It also exists only in the X-Men world… or so they would like us to think!

Just recently, 20th Century Fox released an ad for the school – and it’s every fan’s dream ad.

The setting is perfect and the ad truly captured the 80s, the timeframe coinciding with the timeline in many of the movies: when Professor X (the school’s owner and head teacher) was still a young man.

Fans really enjoyed the ad and even debated whether it was Stan Lee who delivered the last line for the ad, right after the number (1-800-312-9951) flashed on the screen. Die-hard fans who called the number claimed that they also heard his voice on the voicemail.

Here’s the ad:

Now, a lot of people actually called the hotline – despite the ad being set in the 1980s. And Deadpool even called to ask for Jean Grey’s number! LOL.