Newbie 911 Operator Earns Praise for Staying Calm While Helping Deliver a Baby on Her Seventh Day on the Job!

It was just her seventh day on the job but newbie 911 operator had a ‘trial by fire’ when she received a call from a distraught man whose wife was actively in labor at their house. They needed an ambulance ASAP but with the contractions getting closer and closer, it was easy to tell that the baby might not wait for the medics to arrive!

Keeping calm and collected, 25-year-old Katie Farber guided the man and helped him deliver the baby! She gave instructions and offered help so calmly that one might have thought she was a veteran on the job, not someone who had just started out and was just a week into being a 911 operator!

Screenshot from video by Inside Edition

For her nerves of steel, Farber earned the internet’s praise. Her help in delivering the baby was much appreciated, especially because the ambulance only arrived 2 minutes after the baby was born!

The happy parents were so grateful for her help that they would visit her a few weeks later. It was a beautiful moment for Farber finally got to hold the child she helped deliver that fateful day…

Check out this video to learn more about their lovely story: