Newborn Baby Dies after Getting Bitten by Rats while in Hospital’s ICU

A couple who rushed their 10-day-old baby to the hospital after developing urinary tract infection was distraught to discover the boy getting bitten by rats in the intensive care unit (ICU); despite the parents raising the matter to the hospital authorities, the child eventually died.

The shocking pictures taken of the baby at the Guntur Government Hospital (GGH) in Andhra Pradesh, south east India surfaced on social media and has gotten worldwide attention.

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Our son was about to undergo surgery but we noticed wounds on his right hand on Wednesday. Rats had nibbled them [the child’s fingers] off.

My son was not killed by the rats but by doctors and staff at GGH. We suspected the danger a week ago. They were not bothered as they did not take us seriously,” lamented the child’s devastated mother Lakshmi Chavali.

Naga Chavali, the boy’s dad, also expressed anger after hospital staff allegedly told him he could easily get over the child’s death because he had another son, anyway.

Photo by Mirror UK / Cover Press Asia

Minister for Health Kamineni Srinivas personally attended to the couple’s case against the hospital and has terminated the sanitation contractor’s contract, pending an inquiry on the incident.

Dr. Venugopala Rao, the Superintendent of the hospital, belied the couple’s claims of neglect.

It’s an unfortunate incident.

We set up a rat mesh in [the hospital] soon after receiving complaints about the movement of killer rats. We did not expect that it will take this turn,” Rao said.

Some hospital staff were fired over the incident but the boy’s grief-stricken parents could only wish they had their son back…

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