Newly Adopted Dog Bites 17-Month-Old Girl and Throws Her Away, To Save Her from Venomous Snake!

When it comes to dog breeds, families are often advised not to pick big dogs like Dobermans and Pitbulls when they have small kids because these breeds are known to be fierce yet many dog owners have proven that such is not always the case – and even previously abused dogs can show much love and affection in their new homes.

In Australia, a family went to the rescue shelter to pick a pet. They chose an adult Doberman Pinscher they called Khan and brought him back home.

Photo credit: NTD TV

Khan readily bonded with the family’s 17-month-old daughter Charlotte that just 4 days after his adoption, mom Catherine was confident enough to leave the two playing outside their home while she got something from the house.

But a shocked Catherine saw a nightmarish sight when she went back outside because Khan appeared to bite on Charlotte and throw her away! She ran towards the two, ready to defend her baby but was surprised to see Khan quickly run back to where he and Charlotte were playing – to fight off a venomous snake!

Catherine hugged the scared child as they watched Khan battle with the snake. He ended up getting bitten on the leg by the snake but he emerged victorious.

Photo credit: NTD TV

The thankful mom quickly rushed the hero dog to the vet who quickly injected anti-venom and saved the dog’s life. Whew!

The family could not begin to imagine what could have happened if they had not rescued Khan just 4 days before that fateful day! It truly was good karma for the family…

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